Lantra and Hozelock-Exel to promote knapsack sprayer best practice

Greg Rhodesin Weed Control

A new initiative between leading land-based training body Lantra and sprayer specialists Hozelock-Exel aims to raise operator awareness of the mechanics of knapsack sprayers to improve performance and longevity of equipment.

David Fisher, Lantra Head of Industry Partnerships

Raising operator awareness of the importance of sprayer maintenance is a key priority for both Lantra and Hozelock-Exel in what is a drive to reverse the throwaway culture endemic in the industry.

Units available to trainers include the Berthoud 16l capacity Vermorel 2000 Comfort, the 20l Cooper Pegler CP3 Evolution and giant telescopic lances, particularly helpful for arb applications.

David Fisher, Lantra Head of Industry Partnerships, says: "It's only by working closely with industry experts, including manufacturers like Hozelock, that Lantra is able keep in touch with current industry requirements and trends and tailor our training appropriately.

"Our Instructors, who are key in ensuring relevant industry comment is fed into our development process, are particularly impressed with the Hozelock cutaway units that help demonstrate functionality so comprehensively, and discussions have also highlighted an opportunity for potentially including a maintenance module to some of sprayer courses - a great example of effective partnership in practice"

Continuing the theme, Hozelock UK National Account Manager Allan Wainwright said: "Sprayer lifetimes can be considerably extended by operators ensuring they complete checks regularly, especially before storing sprayers for winter and preparing them for work in spring.

"Contractors should avoid viewing professional sprayers as items disposable as soon as there's a hitch. The more operators know about how sprayers work, the more likely they are to be able to diagnose and rectify any functionality issues."

Hozelock-Exel is committed to a programme of product support for trainers and instructors nationwide to extend knowledge of knapsack and compression sprayers.

Lantra instructor Doug Price commented: "As a freelance instructor, constantly moving from place to place, I can feel a bit isolated. But the background support I receive by being part of the Lantra team makes me feel less of a `lone wolf`.

"Their industry links are invaluable," he added, "and this latest initiative with Hozelock-Exel is a prime example of the backing Lantra provide and the mutual respect both have for each other's brand."

Allan concluded: "I believe that Lantra's network of fully qualified trainers will be able to inject know-how of sprayer function in a way that will allow students to engage more completely with what are vital products in the groundscare sector."