Latest Field Top Maker gives high-speed Rejuvenation

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7462.JPGCampey Turf Care provide one of the most efficient machines developed for the fast and effective rejuvenation of sports turf surfaces.
The FTM 2500 model is one of the latest additions to the successful range of Field Top Maker machines, which are the choice of more and more turf professionals and contractors. Its adjustable blades skim off the compacted top layer of soil to depths of up to 5cm (1.75in), quickly removing thatch and other undesirable organic material.

The FTM 2500 is the largest Field Top Maker yet, with an operating width of 2.5m (8ft 2in). Recommended for use with tractors of at least 90hp, it is ideal for turf professionals seeking the highest possible work-rates and maximum effectiveness. The machine incorporates a heavy-duty drive train and large capacity belts, and a horizontal conveyor is fitted as standard.

The machine can be adjusted to give optimal results on any turf surface. With the blades set low for fraise mowing at 1mm or 2mm, it removes thatch without affecting the grass roots, allowing play to recommence almost immediately. However, set at greater depths, it removes compacted soil and shallow rooting grasses for more intensive pitch rejuvenation.

Field Top Maker models are now available featuring modular construction, meaning that various attachments and accessories can be added quickly for ideal performance. These include conveyors for speedy soil removal, a collector box and deflector plates, again allowing the machines to be tailored to specific needs. Also available is a new cutting blade with the edge at the bottom, reducing wear and giving enhanced operation.

Other developments on the latest models include easier maintenance, with even simpler access to the rotor and belts.

There is also an increased range of cutting blade options, with a choice of rotors for fraise mowing or verti-cutting, or Koro's patent pending MULTI rotor, which can perform either task.

The Field Top Maker range has become an established favourite amongst turf professionals, as it provides fast, consistent results and brings hard-pressed ground back into condition without undue reliance on extra materials or man-made chemicals.

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