Latest Masterline and Johnson Sport Seed catalogues from DLF

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3D Johnsons AmenityLatest Masterline and Johnson Sport Seed catalogues from DLF Trifolium offer user-friendly ease of understanding.

Worcestershire based DLF Trifolium Ltd continues to refine not just its product lines but also the manner in which end users can readily see what is on offer. In its latest Johnson Sport Seeds and Masterline Amenity Grass catalogues, the company's established Mix Selector tables are clearly split into Golf and Sports area recommendations for Johnsons mixes and into Lawn, Landscape, Reclamation and Sports categories for the recommendations under the Masterline brand.

"We are confident that we are able to offer the best grass varieties and mixes for a wide range of end users but appreciate wide choice can also make it difficult to select the right grass seeds," says Derek Smith of DLF Trifolium Limited. "Our 2013 catalogues provide an easy to understand outline of the different mixes we offer under both our Johnson and Masterline brands."

By offering seed mixtures perfectly blended to match the diverse requirements of golf greens through to coping with contaminated reclamation sites, DLF has the unrivalled expertise to help end users select exactly the right mixes and grass cultivars for the job. This is reflected in the introduction of a new bent cultivar, Arrowtown.

"Arrowtown is bred from exceptionally fine and dense plants," says Derek Smith. "In trials, the Arrowtown bent really stood out as noticeably denser than cultivars currently available to include Manor, Barking and Aberroyal. During a punishing test programme, Arrowtown proved ideally suited to greens mown to a tight 4mm and offered the durability demanded for tees and trafficked areas of fairways."

Arrowtown delivers the tight, dense surface that is demanded of a high-speed modern green with the added benefit of high disease tolerance. It also has a natural vigour that enables it to recover quickly from renovation, with improved drought stress and colour retention in a dry summer. As such, the new bent is ideally suited to courses that endeavour to reduce inputs without compromising playability.

"Johnson Sports Seed is selected from top performing cultivars to include those that are less demanding for fertiliser and fungal treatment," adds Derek Smith. "The challenge facing those managing golf courses is one of reduced costs at a time when finances are tight but there remains a strong demand for excellent playing surfaces. By matching varieties and mixes to soils, local conditions and course management regimes we can help ensure users get the very best value and performance."

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