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HighGround are a charity that assist our military in finding work after their service. Their mission is to provide jobs, careers and vocational opportunities for Service Leavers, Reservists and Veterans in the land-based sector as military skills and experience map perfectly into this.

By building a powerful community, HighGround has the resources to create opportunities for ex-military personnel and reservists to pursue a career in the land-based sector.

They do this through work experience and employment opportunities, and by providing access to the right education and training courses required to develop the necessary skills to move in to the land-based sector.

Many military personnel join the Armed Forces straight from school and have no concrete knowledge of life outside. The Rural Week presentations provide an ideal opportunity for those who attend to explore the differences between the military and civilian land-based industries.

It is important that HighGround beneficiaries understand the differences between land-based sector industries. By the end of a presentation, beneficiaries should be exposed to the day to day workings of the industry, they should be knowledgeable to the range of vocational and employment opportunities within them, they should have the opportunity to alleviate any concerns they may have about the industry and they should gain confidence in their transferable skills.

Terry Farkins, Golf Course Manager at Dartmouth Hotel Golf and Spa, explains how he has recently employed a retired Royal Marine and how supporting the initiative might help you fill a vacant position within your team.

"I have worked in the golf industry all my life and I could not see myself in any other environment unless forced to. So, imagine leaving school at sixteen and going straight into the forces, fighting in wars seeing things that no other working person would ever see in their working life or ever wishing to then, after twenty years plus, being faced with getting back into the workplace. This must be a daunting situation to be put in and one that can make people fear and worry about."

Terry is pictured (left) with retired Royal Marine Shaun

"Recently, I was asked by Chris Shepherd at Bicton College to give a presentation to the HighGround candidates on the golf industry, and my career to date. I have since completed a couple more presentations and have linked some candidates up with greenkeeping friends in other parts of the country."

"I found the iniative so inspiring that I currently employ Shaun Needham, who is a retired Royal Marine. He is hard working, shows a lot of initiative and really enjoys the job meaning he is a real asset to the workforce and our club."

If you feel you could consider someone from the initiative or, offer work experience should a position arise, please visit the facebook page to register your interest. Some of the candidates are willing to work free of charge to help them get back into work.

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