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Light fantastic

Scotts UK Professional introduced delegates to BTME this month to their completely reformulated market leading turf and amenity fertilizer range - rebranded as Greenmaster Pro-Lite. The new look products are now manufactured using advanced zeolite-based technology to produce a consistent, 0.7 to 1.4 mm, rounded granule.trials.jpg

This technology is the result of on-going Scotts research programmes aimed at improving the accuracy and distribution of granular fertilizers through conventional linear and centrifugal spreaders. The process produces highly 'fluid', virtually dust-free, fertilizers that spread evenly and smoothly, resulting in a consistent and predictable grass growth and colour response.

The new granule process, combined with Scotts precise control of the nutrient ratios in the Greenmaster Pro-Lite range, will ensure that turf managers will gain improved performance from the products. In addition to the benefits of improved accuracy and precision, the new granule formulation offers extended nutrient release - reducing the labour requirement required to keep turf in perfect condition.

The Scotts Greenmaster Pro range comprises one of the most comprehensive selections of turf treatments in Europe, covering ten different formulations The range is designed to meet the needs of both fine and outfield turf throughout the seasons, and also features moss and weed control options in addition to different nutrient formulations.
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