Lighter weight, reduced emissions.

Tony Hawkinsin Arboriculture

ECHO has introduced a new range of three domestic and semi-professional use double-sided hedgetrimmers: the HC-2020, the HC-2020R and the HC-2320. These hedgetrimmers, which replace existing models, are lighter in weight and feature a reduced emissions engine which has to be a major consideration in present and future times. The HC-2020 replaces ECHO's HC-1501.

With its new engine design for lower emissions and 534mm length cutting blades, you get a hedge trimmer with improved ergonomics and better precision for tackling those small to medium jobs. The Japanese double-edged cutter blades offer sharpness and durability while overall the hedgetrimmer is balanced and lightweight at just 4.5kg dry weight. The HC-2020 makes an ideal choice for domestic use and medium-sized professional jobs.

The HC-2020R replaces the ECHO HCR-1501, offering a rotatable handle version of the HC-2020 double sided hedgetrimmer. It's a lightweight, highly manoeuvrable double-edged trimmer specifically designed for medium-sized jobs and ideal for domestic users or professionals working on small to medium-sized hedges. The rotatable handle may be a small feature but it makes a huge difference. The 5 position handle allows you to find the most comfortable position for cutting at different angles. The HC-2020R weighs in at just 4.6kg dry weight with an even distribution for optimal comfort and performance. The renowned quality of Japanese blades offers super sharpness making precise and clean trimming a breeze.

Replacing the HC-156 the new ECHO HC-2320 is a lightweight, double-sided hedgetrimmer with an extra-long 639mm blade for tackling larger, taller hedges. The lighter weight and ergonomic construction combine with robust components to give you a rugged yet easy to use hedgetrimmer, again with sharp Japanese blades for precise cutting and higher productivity.

All the new hedgetimmers come with the latest ECHO low-emission engine for cleaner operation and reduced impact on the environment. Each machine has an industry-leading 5-year domestic or 2-year professional warranty.

Find out more from your local authorised ECHO dealer. You can also visit or call 01844 278800 for more information.