Lindum launch Grassfelt

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Lindum launch Grassfelt

By Carol DuttonGrass-Art-Brid.jpg

Lindum's revolutionary new Grassfelt, (which will receive its official launch at Saltex) is a living grass sward grown into a soil-less, biodegradable felt root zone. The resulting turf has the strength and pliability to instantly cover sharp inclines and acute angles without breaking or the need for substantial pegging. Used in a landscaping situation, the grass roots grow through the felt and into the soil below in a matter of weeks, as demonstrated at the Laban Dance Centre in Deptford, where Grassfelt made it's debut.

Yorkshire Forward's "The Green" project, which combined grass sculptures with performance art, used Grassfelt in its second application, as a living grass carpet. Draped over contemporary steel structures, the product provided real grass cover in the absence of any sub soil. As Grassfelt can be laid over almost any surface (including car parks) it can be used as a temporary grass flooring during summer weddings and garden parties, horticultural trade shows, or any event calling for an instant grass carpet.

For further information on Lindum's new Grassfelt, contact the company via e-mail or visit STAND G 10 at SALTEX
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