Lindum's Grass Wall

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Lindum's Grass Wall

By Carol Dutton


Lindum have taken Grassfelt (living turf grown into reinforced felt) literally "up the wall" in their latest by-product of this versatile material. Shown for the first time at the Cityscape exhibition in London, (Sept. 20th and 21st) Grassfelt Wall featured as part of designer David Fountain's The Urban Jungle, a centrepiece demonstrating the exotic and exciting possibilities of future streetscapes. Reinforced panels incorporating an integrated watering and liquid feed system, and a metal grid onto which grassfelt is grown, formed a double- sided, living grass wall, pierced by a circular aperture. Two living grass, vertical cylinders flanked the "wall" using circular panels. Lindum, who have produced Grassfelt Wall specifically for this project can see the potential of 6ft by 3ft panels designed to be bolted onto any outside vertical surface.

"Applied in this context Grassfelt Wall is an ideal way of greening up bland, concrete walls," explains Stephen Fell, Lindum's MD, "as the product provides an instant, labour saving, non erosive alternative to the usual climbers such as Ivy and Virginia Creeper. The panels are self-sufficient units, and we're looking at using relatively low maintenance grasses that need minimum trimming. On the other hand, it's quite possible to let the grass grow, creating a shaggy effect. Ornamental grasses could look spectacular."

Aimed at landscapers and local authorities, Lindum also see Grassfelt Wall as a useful tool for other garden designers, especially those working in an urban environment.

For further information on either Grassfelt or Grassfelt Wall, contact the company on Tel: 01904 448675 or visit their website at

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