Little Wonder Pro Vac SP blows a hurricane

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It's arrived with hurricane force. The new Self-Propelled Little Wonder Pro Vac SP is 30% faster than its nearest competitor.

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It provides superior airflow with a powerful Honda GX270 engine creating the vacuum to fill the debris bag without loss of suction. Working at your speed it will move at up to 4.2mph/6.76km forwards and up to 1.8mph/2.9km backwards, clearing leaves, litter, bottles, cans and stones, with the nozzle height automatically adjusting to work on rough terrain, without digging in, and on smoother areas without scalping.

There's no need to stop the engine to adjust the height. The Pro Vac SP takes the drudgery out of raking leaves by not only vacuuming them up but also mulching them all in one step, ready to compost or use as a mulch to improve soil quality in beds and borders.

The capacity of the bag is a whopping 180 litres to handle big loads. When you make a product that produces hurricane force winds you don't just sew in a bag liner, you install a 'windshield' to divert dust to ground level.

Safety is a key factor and to get the job done safely the low 40" unit height allows for clear visibility over the machine and a better view of the front nozzle area. For operator comfort the arched paddle handle allows a user of any size to find a comfortable operating position.

Manoeuvrability is made easy with a sleek design and rugged front wheel swivel to effortlessly follow curved walkways and drives. Heavy-duty treaded rear drive wheels allow excellent traction on both concrete and grass, while free-wheeling is made easy too with a 'toe-tap' dump valve. If you have large areas of leaf and litter debris to clear, the Little Wonder Pro Vac SP will cover the ground like a storm.

Professional Demand Little Wonder!

Schiller Grounds Care UK is on stand M70 at Windsor.

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