Lloyds at IOG Saltex 2004

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Saltex Preview


Lloyds & Co Letchworth Ltd. now offer the Rasant/Aebi range of tractors. This range of systems and multi use tractors can now be accessed via the direct Lloyds sales network, along with an endless range of products which can be mounted to these machines including flails, rotary mowers, sweepers and cleaning equipment.

However one of the prime reasons for Lloyds handling these machines is the new front mounted cylinder gang mowers which have been developed to fit this range of machines. Pictured is the KT50 Systems tractor fitted with the Lloyds front mounted triple outfit the units are the robust and reliable Universal Cutter which is available in 4,6 and 9 bladed cylinder options along with a choice of fixed or floating heads ensuring the outfit gives usability in every situation.

The new Paladin Dual and TG fine turf mowers fitted with groomer will be on show along with the new Hovermower which has taken the industry by storm since its launch earlier this year.

Lloyd's ever popular Leda gangs now come with optional hydraulic wing lift frame which are available to suit any application. Along with the Pentad Hydraulic gang mower which has a choice of fairway and rough cut cylinders. The Greenline and Rotary mower ranges will also be on display.

If you require a package with quality service and reliability in mind Lloyds will be happy to have you visit them at Saltex Stand B16.

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