London Assembly urges mayor to protect green spaces in new report

Shekina Tuahenein Public Places

The London Assembly Environment Committee has written a report urging the capital's mayor to take measures to protect and maintain the capital's green spaces.

In the report, 'Park life: ensuring green spaces remain a hit with Londoners', recommendations are made to focus and invest in areas which are most in need.

The report suggests that funding into green space in the city has fallen due to the cuts within local authorities.

The Committee also called on the Mayor to use the GLA's Team London to support green space managers to increase and diversify London's green space volunteering community - particularly to involve more young people.

The recommendations made were:

  • To extend and improve access to quality green spaces in London
  • To safeguard the financial future of green spaces in London
  • To provide a clear vision for green space management which is open, inclusive and accountable to the public
  • Strengthen London's infrastructure by connecting existing green spaces
  • To champion green spaces

Leonie Cooper AM, environment committee chair, said: "It is no longer the case that we can rely on local councils alone to maintain our parks and other green spaces. The money is simply not available. They will still play a central role, but need support.

"This report encourages forward thinking to ensure London's parks and green spaces - which are renowned throughout the world - are not only protected but also improved."

She added: "We recommend that volunteers play a key role, crowdfunding is explored, and private investment is encouraged across the board."

If you would like to view the original article please visit HERE.

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