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Hayter, the makers of the finest mowers, have announced the new Osprey 46 Lithium-ion 60V powered lawnmower; the first model in Hayter's new Green Series™ of battery-powered products.

The new Osprey 46 will provide all the benefits of a cordless lawnmower, including increased portability and ease, without emitting exhaust fumes into the environment and never compromising on power. The mower utilises a 60V max Green Series Power System, a high-powered motor unit compatible with Toro's Flex-Force Power System range of garden tools - useful when it comes to versatility as the pack can be utilised across all products in the line.

The Power System has three battery options to choose from, corresponding to the run-time the user requires. And the mower's new Power-Boost feature allows the machine to automatically adjust the power to suit the length of the grass and mowing conditions, ensuring the best quality of cut.

Other features include the Easy-Wash™ hose port, featured on most Hayter mowers, which allows the user to clean the underside of the mower deck safely and without getting their hands dirty. The 4-wheel mower is self-propelled with a choice of either 1.9mph or 2.2mph, so the user can simply walk behind and steer with much more control. The Osprey 46 features a large capacity 55-litre grass bag that can be removed and attached easily through the handlebar. An easy push button start function will also get you mowing faster.

Christopher Cooper, Product Marketing Manager at Hayter, said: "We are incredibly excited to be releasing the new Osprey 46 mower, the first of our new Green Series range of battery-powered gardening tools. For the everyday gardener, a battery-powered lawnmower is the most convenient way to manage the lawn, and with the added benefit of the battery being interchangeable with the Toro's Flex-Force garden hand tools, it's never been easier to look after your garden.

"The Green Series range as a whole, represents a huge step change for Hayter, in moving towards a more battery-focused offering that will have a much more positive impact on the environment."

The Osprey 46 is available Spring 2020, with the other additions to the Green Series range arriving later in the year.

For more information, please visit www.hayter.co.uk

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