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Trimax Striker 190 bA budget-priced rotary mower suitable for use with compact tractors from 20hp to 60hp has been launched by leading manufacturer of precision flail and rotary turf mowers, Trimax Mowing Systems.

Fitted with full-width rollers front and rear for an attractive striped finish without scalping, the Trimax Striker rotary mower comes in cutting widths of 1.46m (57.5in) and 1.94m (76.5in), known as Model 150 and Model 190 respectively.

The Trimax Striker is purpose-designed for non-contract owner-operators such as schools and colleges, golf courses, smallholdings, estates and residential properties with larger areas of regularly-cut grass to maintain by compact tractor. The use of multiple cutting spindles (three on Model 150, four on Model 190) helps ensure a cleaner cut with even grass distribution across the machine's entire width, enhanced by the fitting as standard of Trimax's LazerBladez™ cutting blade system.

Manufactured from high-grade alloy steel, LazerBladez™ uses a unique swing-tip blade with an offset mounting that alters the centre-of-gravity when cutting, causing the blade to tilt forward in work. The result helps keep the cutting edge in line with the blade carrier, ensuring that all grass is cut evenly and precisely at the pre-set height across the working width at a full range of working speeds.

The 'tilt-forward' action is particularly beneficial and noticeable in tougher cutting conditions, assisted by the generous blade width which provides the necessary mass and impact to deal effectively with heavier growth.

Featuring a full-length cutting edge and optimised blade thickness, the LazerBladez™ trailing edge incorporates a carefully-engineered upturn, promoting both better grass lift and clippings discharge characteristics.

Designed as an economical, low maintenance turf mower, Striker has only four grease points across the entire machine while its robust spindles run in non-greasable sealed ball bearings.

Weighing approximately 310kg (680lbs) and 385kg (850lbs) respectively, Striker Model 150 and Model 190 both offer a cutting height range from 10mm - 100mm (0.4in - 4in).


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