LT-F3000 twice the machine thanks to new cylinder option

Georgie Scottin Machinery & Mechanics

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Reesink Turfcare has launched an innovative new Toro attachment for the LT-F3000 triple flail mower. The interchangeable cylinder attachment gives the front-facing triple mower the capability to cut two ways.

When it launched last year, the LT-F3000 offered a completely new cutting concept to triple mowing, giving users a chance to cut longer, wetter and coarser grass in one sweep. With lower operating costs and affordable replacement parts it provided the groundscare sector with the ideal machine to maximise productivity and cost effectiveness. This new attachment only serves to strengthen that position by adding value and giving the machine a dual purpose - one machine can now do the job of two - and a machine that was originally intended as a flail mower can now cut as a cylinder mower with more power than its sister mower, the LT3000.

Reesink says the attachment will appeal to councils and landscape contractors looking for even more productivity and versatility. Reesink's national sales manager Jeff Anguige explains: "Toro understands that the groundscare sector has many different areas and challenging environments to cut, from the widest open spaces to the narrowest verges, and roadsides with longer grass to recreational fields with shorter. Having a mower that can, with the easy attachment of a cylinder unit, tackle the longer grass and then leave a premium finish on playing fields and sports grounds is a really cost-effective solution."

The LT-F3000 has an innovative three flail cutting system, which has been built to withstand the rigors of all heavy-duty applications. It is far more durable than cylinder and even rotary systems, but with the addition of this new cylinder attachment the heavy-duty machine has the added finesse to deliver a superior after-cut appearance.

Jeff continues: "This optional extra is all it takes to expand the cutting options available. Taking up less space in the shed and costing less than a new machine, it's a win-win combination."

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