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Edwin Roberts' company, Classic Mowers, has been in existence since 1999 specialising in maintaining older pedestrian mowers and sports ground equipment.

Here he offers up some useful tips for maintaining some of the Sisis equipment SISIS Scarifier and Rotorakes These are very popular machines with many bowling and cricket clubs. With end of season renovations just a few weeks away it is essential that they are fit for the purpose. It is worth spending some time checking over the machines and replacing old and worn parts.


• Check that engine oil is up to correct level or, better still, change the oil.
• Clean spark plug or fit a new one.
• Clean air filter and blow out.
• If possible blow out chaff to make sure the engine cooling fins are clear.
• On the machine, look at the tyre pressure. It will push a lot better and scarify a lot truer at the correct pressure.

SISIS Mk1-2 Trio

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Sisis Trio Mk 2 reel drive Sisis

• Remove chain cover and clean out debris.
• Check chain for wear and tension. Look at the engine sprocket for wear and on the stub drive shaft.
• Check for wear on sprockets.
• Check sprocket locking grub screws for tightness alignment.
• Grease chain.
• Where the reel shaft joins the stub shaft, check for wear on the square coupling, (when worn this can cause damage to the chasis).
• Check over the thatch removal reel. Replace worn blades, it is best to use compression tool for this job to get blades to correct tension.

• When refitting reel, grease square end of shaft, assemble bearing plates in correct order.
• Check over the front roller height control link for wear, clean and oil.
• The best way to oil the front roller is to remove and place the end into a tub of oil and let it soak.

Sisis Auto-Rotorake Mk 3-4

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Auto Rota Rake Mk3 reel drive

• Check the drive belt for wear and correct tension.
• On the reel drive belt there can be wear problems on the engine pulley, over years of use the sides of the V in the pulley can wear to a point where it cannot work efficiently. On older machines the pulley is made out of aluminium. On later ones it is of cast iron and wears a lot better.

• Looking at the chain drive, check for wear on sprockets. Remove chain, clean and check over, soak in oil. There can be problems with the chain adjuster seizing up on the pivot bolt. It is best to remove this and clean and oil, make sure the sprocket on the adjuster arm is not worn runs free.

• Check stub shaft assembly as for Mk 1-2. Also check front roller assembly.
• Check all control rods and cables are free and oiled.
• Check rear wheel drive gear is clean and free.

It is best not to use blades which are worn down too far, as this requires more power to drive through the ground. As the drought continues the ground becomes ever harder, this will put more stress on the scarifier or spiker, so a little care will
be required in their use.

sisis scarifyer

Sisis Auto Rota Rake Mk3 engine drive
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