Maintaining High Quality at STRI

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Maintaining High Quality at STRI

By Anne Wilson

Quality control is high on the agenda at STRI. Following a recent 5-yearly external assessment by the Pesticides Safety Directorate, STRI's pathology laboratory has successfully maintained accreditation status for the testing of pesticides and herbicides.

As an Officially Recognised Efficacy Testing Facility, STRI can provide efficacy and selectivity testing for all products requiring PSD approval, including fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and biological products.

On its trials grounds at Bingley, STRI has dedicated areas of fine turf specifically managed for weeds, pests or diseases. These areas enable STRI to provide the specialised conditions often required to obtain sufficient levels of disease for efficacy trials.

On occasions where natural inoculation is not sufficient, STRI has established methods to inoculate some of the more common pathogens.

For further information contact Dr Ruth Mann, Plant Pathologist, Telephone 01274 565131:


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