Major delivering superior cutting for Albar Turf

Eibhlin Murphyin Machinery & Mechanics

Albar Landscapes Ltd is a commercial landscaping and turf growing company based just outside Glasgow. "We supply our clients with the highest quality turf, grown by ourselves in the most fertile soil in central Scotland," explained Gordon McMurdo, a director at Albar Landscapes Ltd. "We have over 400 acres of turf which we grow on an annual basis which needs to be maintained."

Gordon and his team at Albar Landscapes Ltd use a Major 5.5m Swift Roller Mower for all the mowing of their turf. "We use the Major Swift Roller Mower for reseeds and just prior to the turf going out the door. The finished cut is excellent," he said.

"When we looked at this machine the main reason we went for it is because it is shaft driven. There are no belts involved so therefore when we send guys away off site they don't have problems with belts slipping or breaking," explained Gordon. Another feature that impressed Gordon was the blade system. The Major Swift Roller Mower range is supplied with a fixed or swinging blades and it is the customers choice what system to choose, depending on the mowing conditions or finish required.

"One of the most important things when buying a machine like this is the finished cut that you get on the grass. When we had this demonstrated we were very impressed with it. Since we bought the mower, it's proved to be ideal for our business," concluded Gordon. Call to the Major stand K080 at Saltex 2017 to see a selection of mowers from the Major range including the Major Contoura Mower, Synergy Deck and Swift Roller Mowers or visit to book a demonstration.

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