Major upgrades for Swift Roller Mowers

Tony Hawkinsin Machinery & Mechanics

Already renowned for their low maintenance and durable machinery, Major Equipment has announced a series of upgrades to their tractor mounted Swift Roller Mowers. These mowers are available in working widths from 1.9m to 5.4m.

Built light to allow them to be used on smaller compact tractors, there is no compromise on strength with the use of Strenx™ 700 MC high-yield steel, which is stronger than steel traditionally used in machinery.

Now the mower bodies are galvanised using zinc hot-dip galvanisation for added protection from harsh exterior conditions. Hot-dip coating of the metal doubles the life span compared with painting and, Major say, it will protect steel from corrosion in most atmospheric conditions for 25 to 30 years.

It's no wonder then that Major has also introduced a three-year professional warranty for all models in their Swift Roller Mower range but they haven't stopped there. The roller mowers' custom designed gearbox has been upgraded for improved and consistent mowing, even in the toughest conditions. High speed blade tips on the Major roller mowers offer higher output with an enviably professional cylinder mower finish every time you cut.

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