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SANY0162.jpgLeading synthetic surfacing supplier Notts Sport has launched a new range of aerosol markers designed specially for use on synthetic turf.

The new Linemarker Aerosol offers a convenient way to introduce markings onto a synthetic surface with long-lasting results.

Whereas traditional line-marking methods tend to need frequent re-application, Notts Sport's specially designed formula provides more durable, longer-lasting markings than 'standard' aerosols.

This affords sports, play and leisure providers better value for money, as well as cutting the cost of re-marking and any downtime while the surface is 'out of bounds' to users.

The 750ml cans are available in white, yellow, red and blue, making it easy for venue users to distinguish between line markings for different activities, and ensuring high visibility markings whatever the surface colour.SANY0129.jpg

Shaun Patrick, Chief Executive of Notts Sport, explains: "As well as being clean and cost-effective on synthetic surfaces, our new aerosols have a wide range of potential uses, and can also be used on line-marking onto grass, tarmacadam, concrete, and redgra (blaze).

"The multi-functional aerosol applicator can also be used in either two or four wheel configurations.

"And because they're easy to use and the surface needs little preparation, there's minimal training needed and ground keeping duties are less labour-intensive."

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