Manchester Peace Park, Kosovo

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The Manchester Peace Park, Podujeva, Kosovo


During the conflict many atrocities were carried out and MaK continues to work with a number of survivors here in the northwest. Some have since gone home. Whilst talking to the children we were made aware that back in Kosovo there were few places for the young people to meet or the children to play and we were asked if there was anything we could do. Could we build a park?MVC-007F1.JPG

Last year we met with the Mayor of Podujeva in his hometown and we were 'given' a plot of land to create a safe play area for the kids. This project has now grown and our vision, which is shared by the Mayor, is to create 'The Manchester Peace Park'. It would include a remembrance garden, a picnic area, two play areas, a football pitch and a volley ball court and possibly a wild life area around the pond for educational visits.

The land is a rough meadow pasture with a pond and a wooded walk to the top the hill. It has great potential. We have promised the children in the area that we will return a build them a park with swings and climbing frames, all things our kids have here in the UK. But we need help.


Finance is always an issue and if you would like to sponsor us we would love to hear from you. We have had some high profile coverage on national TV with BBC, Real Lives programme …

And more recently with the Ann Franks awards for Moral courage (see our website below).

We hope the BBC will cover the opening of the peace park as it links in with the Real Lives story. We have promised these kids a simple park but with your help we could give them so much more.

Finally I would like to thank Pitchcare for allowing us to use some of this valuable web space.

Thank you.

If you think you can help us we'd love to hear from you.
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