Mansfield Sand improves drainage and rooting

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Matthew Newman, Grounds and Sports Turf Manager at Hartpury University and College, in Gloucester, believes that MM40 from Mansfield Sand plays an integral role in his renovation work.

Hartpury University and College are specialist education providers in agriculture, animal, equine, sport, and veterinary nursing, offering world-class degrees and facilities to over 4,500 students from over 60 countries.

Matthew himself was once a student at Hartpury. Fast forward two decades and he now oversees a team of thirteen members of staff at the college where he became qualified.

Matthew and his team have been carrying out their own renovations for three years after previously employing contractors to do the work. When it comes to sand for renovations, he uses MM40 Sport from Mansfield Sand.

Mansfield Sand is a company with history and pedigree - its origins can be traced as far back to 1840. It has been a long-standing pioneer in the development and production of premium sand-based products and boasts the most up-to-date and advanced equipment currently in the industry.

From winter sports pitches, golf courses, bowling greens and all amenity turf areas - Mansfield Sand has a solution for all.

MM40 Sport is sourced directly from the Two Oaks Quarry in Mansfield where the company produces its renowned Mansil range of Silica Sands. MM40 is a medium sand which is predominantly used in the construction and maintenance of a wide range of sports surfaces.

"We mainly use the MM40 for renovations," said Matthew. "We use two tonnes of it on the PGA spec Mackenzie golf green; so, we vertidrain it and then we will top dress with MM40.

"We use ninety tonnes of if on the football pitches. This year we are taking the pitches down to 10mm. We then take all the debris off, scarify in three directions, and then collect any debris again so we have massively opened up the pores by now and got rid of all the thatch. We then will fertilise, top dress with the MM40 sand and then apply the seed."

Matthew continued to explain exactly why a good quality sand is so important.

"We are predominantly on heavy clay, so in the winter it is holding moisture, and, in the summer, you can't get enough moisture into it. The reason for the sand is to try and change that soil profile and give the grass something to reach into. So, we are trying to break that pan of clay up and inject sand into it.

"It's a theory as opposed to digging up the entire pitch and starting again, but we are already seeing the MM40 improve drainage and rooting."

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