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Groundwork contractor Trefor Jones, has praised the quality of Mansfield Sand's Equestrian Silica product after he recently completed the construction of an impressive Manege.

Mansfield Sand's Silica shines for groundwork contractor Trefor Jones

Trefor, based in Rutland, East Midlands, specialises in the construction of horse-riding arenas, and says that for the two last decades he has relied on one company.

"For the past 20 years we've used nobody but Mansfield Sand because they produce a product that is designed for the job," he said. "They give the customer what they want, and it gives us the assurance and confidence that we know we are providing our customers with a quality product."

Mansfield Sand Company has pioneered the development and production of premium quality silica sand-based products for over 170 years. It provides a wide range of innovative products for sports, landscaping, and equestrian uses. These include stadium and training ground facilities; championship golf courses and world class show jumping arenas.

Trefor's most recent project saw him construct a 70m x 50m jumping Manege for his son Richard - an International 5* Event Rider. The project took 3 weeks from start to finish and he applied approximately 800 tonnes of Mansfield's Equestrian Silica - a sub angular sand which is produced at the company's state-of-the-art hydro classification plant at the Two Oaks Quarry.

Equestrian Silica Sand provides an excellent riding surface which is free draining with very sure footing. Ideally suited as a base sand, it is recommended that Equestrian Silica be incorporated into a fibre stabilising product to provide structure and further stability.

Trefor says he has seen excellent results after incorporating the silica sand with a stabilising fibre. To assist with the mixing process, he uses a BLECavator which is designed to cultivate and bury stones and debris, while levelling and raking in one pass.

Trefor's recently built Manege follows another arena he built at the impressive Lowlands Farm site in which he used the company's Fibresand Equestrian product.

"I'm a happy customer," said Trefor. "The products are durable, provide sure-footing for the horses, drain well and are very cost-effective. I know exactly what I am getting, and I never have any problems.

"The people at Mansfield Sand are also great to deal with. Louise, (Mansfield Sand Technical Sales Representative) provides the best customer service."

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