Market Leading Humic Acid Product Launched by Pitchcare

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Maxwell HumiMax is a new, optimised humate formulation for turf management. Specially created for tank mixing with a highly efficient, enhanced foliar absorption formulation. HumiMax has been formulated to stand alone in terms of its' key benefits and performance.

As a multifunctional soil and plant component HumiMax:

  • Increases soil carbon
  • Enhances nutrient uptake
  • Improves soil structure
  • Supports diverse soil biology populations
  • Supports healthy plant root and shoot development
  • Supports natural plant defences

HumiMax Research Trials Have Demonstrated:

  • Up to 10% reduction in nitrogen when used with granule fertiliser
  • Up to 30% reduction in nitrogen when used with foliar fertiliser

Increased efficacy of fungicides and herbicides

HumiMax is different to other humate products on the market due to the pressure extraction method of obtaining humic acids from leonardite. Pressure extracting HumiMax aids in retaining the natural physiochemical properties from raw 100% Leonardite, eliminating chemical shock and retaining humic acid's natural pH 4.2. This prevents precipitation, which would ordinarily result in gelling with fertilisers and the deactivation of plant protection products in tank mixes. The resultant benefit is increased permeability of plant cell walls, leading to safe and rapid penetration of the leaf cuticle by fertilisers and plant protection products, facilitating increased nutrient uptake and efficiency.

Micronised down to 5 microns - up to four times smaller than similar products - which serves two major advantages: elimination of nozzle blockages, and a lamination effect over leaf surfaces. When applied, this increases surface area coverage and because of lamination, results in a greater uptake efficiency of fertilisers and Plant Protection Products. A triple combination of the retained natural pH 4.2, the Micronised Suspension Technology and the existing natural benefits of humates gives HumiMax the market-leading edge, making it the perfect partner for tank mixing with a range of foliar inputs, such as Maxwell Green Solutions, Maxwell SolControl, Maxwell SeaAction and Maxwell Bullet Range.

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