Massey Ferguson Tractors show off their true colours

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Spalding MF 1528.JPGThree Massey Ferguson compact tractors helped add an extra splash of colour to one of the country's best-known floral festivals held in Lincolnshire earlier this month.

Loaned to the organisers of the Spalding Tulip Parade by local Massey Ferguson dealer, Fentons of Bourne, the tractors were used to pull three beautifully-decorated floats through the South Holland town of Spalding during a parade lasting more than three hours.

Thousands of local people and visitors lined the 3.5 mile parade route as dancers, marching bands and 50 floats, bedecked with more than half a million tulip heads, passed by in a spectacular celebration of the area's flower industry and horticultural heritage.

This year's event also marked the parade's 50th birthday, having been held without a break since 1959. Appropriately, the theme for the 2008 Spalding Tulip Parade was 'Thanks for the Memories' as the organisers celebrated the best of parades from the past half century. Spalding MF 1540.JPG

Speaking following the parade, Glen Bellamy, managing director of Fentons of Bourne, said he was delighted to be able to provide practical support to an event for which he is a member of the operations team.

"We supplied two 40hp MF 1540s and a 28hp MF 1528 which proved ideal for the job, thanks to their low levels of noise and exhaust emissions," he said. "After this year's success, it looks as if Massey Ferguson compact tractors are going to be a permanent fixture in future parades."

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