Matchsaver takes battle against Snow, Rain and Ice to Europe in 10 Languages

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matchsaverMatchsaver Ltd., suppliers of the unique Matchsaver Automated Pitch Protection System, has embarked on a European wide marketing initiative to support stadiums and clubs in their battle against the weather.

The new Matchsaver website incorporates a provision of multi-lingual product information and a rebranding exercise with a sharper green and gold motif.

In 2009 you may be surprised to hear that July was the wettest month in the North West of England. In 2010 it was August and last year it was December. Matchsaver has also collected valuable historical weather data illustrating how Automated Pitch Protection can control precipitation on the pitch.

We know that every Grounds Man has a constant eye on the weather but picture this perfect scenario………. A heavy rain storm is expected in a few hours. Matchsaver deployed in 15 minutes………the storm passes through……. Matchsaver rolls back in another 15 minutes and the pitch remains in pristine condition for training or a competitive fixture!

Matchsaver makes the perfect scenario a reality.

Even with good drainage through sand based pitches, excess water can wash away root growth and even expensive fertilizers before they can do their job.

If Snow is forecast……tractors with snow plough attachments can easily be driven over the Matchsaver cover to remove the snow so that more staff can be deployed to clear other areas.

The Matchsaver can also be quickly inflated with warm air to prevent the pitch from freezing or when used in conjunction with under-soil heating the insulating effect of the Matchsaver cover can reduce heating bills and carbon emissions by up to 50%.

Tim McCullagh states, 'Matchsaver is insurance against the weather. Our focus is about the people who contribute to delivering the best playing surfaces. And together we can protect the pitches from unwanted, damaging and inclement weather.

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Tim McCullagh is Managing Director of Matchsaver Limited

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