Memorial tree plan for Wellington town groundsman

Mark Pritchittin Local Authority

Wellington in Bloom is launching a fund to plant a wedding cake tree in the town's Edwardian park in memory of Mark Norman, the park's and Wellington's much respected groundsman, who died in 2016.

The tree (cornus controversa variegata), a native of China, was a favourite of Mark's.

Layered branches take shape from an early age that are characterised by striking white to yellow foliage in early summer, of otherwise green leaves.

It will grow to 25 feet given care in the town's sheltered park.

Anyone who would like to make a donation towards the purchase and planting can do so by cheque made payable to Wellington in Bloom or in cash deposited at the town council office in Fore Street, Wellington, and clearly marked 'Mark Norman Tree'.

You can read the original article from Wellington Weekly News HERE