Modern Sports Surfaces

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"Modern Sports Surfaces"

By Laurence Gale MSc


Do not miss the opportunity to hear one of Iain James presentations on Sports Surfaces it will be well worth attending.

The Institution of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE) is running a series of technical meetings throughout 2006. The first one of the year is to be held on Monday 9th January 2006 at the Stumble Inn at Cranfield University, Silsoe, Bedfordshire. The meeting starts at 19.30 hrs. Entry is free and the meeting room is alongside the student bar where light refreshments are served.

"New Year and everyone thinks that it is time to take up sport - but to keep people in sport and to keep them out of the GP's surgery requires high quality, sustainable facilities that meet the expectation of the user - who wants their experience to be like Wimbledon or Lords; and the budgets of the provider who increasingly have less space and fewer resources! Changing demands and changing urban environments mean new challenges for the engineering of sports surfaces - modern sports surfaces must provide quality, safe and sustainable environments. This talk will look at the way surfaces and humans interact.

The Institution of Agricultural Engineers (IAgrE) is the professional body for engineers, scientists, technologists and managers in agricultural and allied landbased industries, including forestry, food engineering and technology, amenity, renewable energy, horticulture and the environment.

Technical Meeting: "Modern Sports Surfaces"
Speaker: Iain James
Date: Monday, 9 January 2006, 19:30
Venue: The Stumble Inn, Cranfield University at Silsoe, Silsoe, Bedford

For further information about the Technical Meeting please contact Tim Chaman

Tim Chamen

Branch Chair IAgrE

Church Close Cottage
Bedford MK45 2AU
Tel: +44 (0) 1525 405121
Mobile: +44 (0) 7714 206 048

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