More options on the SPPS sprayer

Keith Nicholsonin Machinery & Mechanics

The SPPS, a self-propelled pedestrian sprayer from Techneat Engineering, aimed at lawn care professionals and already in use at many leading UK and Overseas sporting venues, is now available in a wider range of tank size and boom width options.

"We now have tank options in 80, 120 and 150L capacities and have recently launched a new 5m boom machine alongside the 3 and 4m options already available to professional ground staff.

The new 5m machine will still have the same folding boom option as the 3 and 4m machines offering easier access via narrow entrances and all booms have now been improved to increase their overall stability when the SPPS is moving with booms folded" adds Techneat's Technical Support Manager James English.

"Recent specification upgrades to the SPPS also include a new pressure compensation control system designed to ensure that there is no pressure change on nozzle output even when some sections on the boom may be closed off individually. To improve application efficiency a handle mounted speedometer is now available as an optional extra on all machines" he confirms.

Techneat sprayers are available from the Pitchcare shop