More support for golf clubs in sustainability and climate action

Golf Environment Organizationin Conservation & Ecology

As sustainability and climate action become increasingly important to all types of businesses, including golf clubs and courses, GEO Foundation continues to add new benefits and services to the OnCourse programme.

Through continual dialogue with golf club and course managers and golf associations, and as part of the mission to keep adding value to the growing number of people OnCourse, new features include:

  • Annual Sustainability Scorecard - tracks the 32 Sustainability Metrics for Golf, giving clubs easy access to key data and year-on-year trends, plus professional-standard presentations and graphics prepared for each club.
  • OnCourse Carbon Calculator - calculates carbon emissions, sequestration & balance plus guidance on how to improve.
  • Communications materials - more ways to communicate with colleagues, golfers and community - including monthly themed campaigns for clubs that want to do more around a particular issue.
  • Consultations - free call to determine which aspects of OnCourse will best meet a club's aims and needs, and how to get started or connect with additional support if desired.

Now in eleven languages, the programme is proving to be a valuable resource for clubs and courses of all sizes around the world, with more clubs now joining every day to unlock the many business benefits of sustainability and to play their part.

As described by one club recently, "OnCourse provides a vision of how golf clubs can and should be in the 21st Century - as clubs that act as stewards for the land, use resources responsibly and are integrated as part of their communities." - Bob Roberts, Market Harborough Golf Club.

Clubs around the world have already shared hundreds of examples of this type of action, their projects and results, provided as an always growing library of ideas in OnCourse and also helping to strengthen the reputation of golf and the value it brings to nature and people.

Over the coming months, many workshops and events are taking place with GEO Foundation and partners, check with GEO or your local golf association for more information.

And in the UK, visit the BTME Sustainability Zone in January 2020.

You can join in the conversation around sustainability in and through golf on social media by following @sustainablegolf