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IMG_0056.JPGPlant and machinery theft is growing year on year, with valuable essential items of equipment such as pedestrian mowers an easy target as they can simply be loaded into a small truck or van and taken away.

Insurance companies are becoming more insistent that mowers are properly secured in order to provide cover, and machinery specialist Howardson has a unique device to foil the thieves.

The MowerSafe has a bolt down capability, is easy to position and is maintenance free. It has a strong barrel lock with 'anti hammer protection'. Weighing in at 122 kilos, this, combined with the mower, making approximately 250 kilos, requires at least 4 strong men to lift. As an extra measure, the unit can then be bolted to the floor. The MowerSafe fits any machine up to a 61cm (24in) cutting width. Bigger versions are currently being developed to accommodate mowers with a cutting width of up to 91 centimetres (36 inches).

This innovative product, redeveloped with the help of Howardson's extensive knowledge of the machinery market, will help to support clubs where a secure device has to be installed to meet with insurance requirements for pedestrian mowers.

A cricket club in Lancashire had recently been unsuccessful in getting funding to buy a new mower due to the high crime rate in the isolated area, but now that they've invested in a MowerSafe, the funding has been awarded.

Advising how a potential valuable asset would be fully protected by the MowerSafe, could also be used by other clubs in support of funding applications, and ensuring the thief is stopped in his tracks.

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