MOX Turf care business exceeds all expectations

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MOX Turf care business exceeds all expectations


The success of MOX is no surprise. Based on the simple principle of supplying the right product at the right price and lifetime after sales service, buying through MOX is the simplest and most cost effective way of acquiring equipment. The customer specifies the manufacturer and model, the preferred payment profile and MOX does the rest. With supply agreements with all major manufacturers and competitive finance the MOX deal is hard to beat but when the after sales service is included, MOX is in a class of its own. MOX turf care staff have years of experience in the supply and use of commercial turf care equipment and know exactly what is required. Whether it is maintenance, operator training or even health and safety issues, MOX are there to help and that support is all included in the rental payments.

Reporting the news Glynn Patrick, general manager for MOX UK said, "We are very pleased with the progress we have made on turf care from a standing start less than three years ago. This progress, coupled with the steady growth of our core business, the supply of golf cars and light industrial vehicles, means the company is going from strength to strength. Our ability, not only to respond to our customer's needs but also to continually introduce new initiatives designed to make operating the products we supply more cost effective, has contributed greatly to our increasing business. This is what gives MOX the lead over other companies who merely sell the products supplied to them."

The photo shows Ray George from MOX (left), at Bridgnorth Golf Club earlier this year following the delivery of a an order in excess of £100,000 of Toro equipment.

Also shown is Gordon Kelsall from Bridgnorth Golf Club.

For more information on MOX UK phone 08701 646004 or visit

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