Multiple plus points for Toro’s Reels+ and EdgeSeries Reels+

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Dedicated to bringing you more, Reesink Turfcare has extended its Toro Parts range with Toro Reels+ and EdgeSeries Reels+, and with this introduction comes multiple plus points for machinery maintenance.

With Toro Reels+ and EdgeSeries Reels+, everything you need for replacing your cylinders is included and comes pre-assembled. You get the cylinder plus all the necessary bearings, flock seals and spacers, plus the benefit of having all the parts professionally assembled at the factory.

This means that all the bearings are already pressed on with the required low-drag flock seals and spacers. Therefore there's no need to install all the parts separately which results in a huge reduction in assembly time.

With the integration of the cylinder and all its components, the guesswork for technicians is removed, ensuring the recommended bearings are utilised which increases the product life of your cutting units. Less time on maintenance, and a longer life span means there's more time to focus on providing the best turf care possible.

Using Toro Reels+ and EdgeSeries Reels+ reduces installation time by approximately 15-20 minutes per cylinder which brings yet another plus point - less time and labour means your mowers are back in action faster, saving money and resources.

Plus, using genuine Toro parts means you'll always maintain Toro's legendary quality of cut.

Michael Hampton, parts manager at Reesink Turfcare, says: "Toro Reels+ and EdgeSeries Reels+ guarantee a fit which matches the exact engineering specifications of the mower. And as you might expect, a perfect fit produces a perfect cut.

"Both products will also see customers make real savings. As well as reducing maintenance time, by buying a cylinder that comes with the bearings, seals and spacers needed, customers actually get a discount from the individual part retail price. Added to the high-quality performance of the product, Reels+ and EdgeSeries Reels+ are a real game changer."

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