Murrayfield Stadium finds a winning pass

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murrayfield 1After putting it through its paces, Murrayfield Rugby Stadium has recently acquired a 1.2m Vredo Supa Compact disc overseeder and can now overseed their pitches in a single pass. The Vredo was purchased from Campey Turf Care Systems through Double A their distributor for Scotland.

Jim Dawson, has been Head Groundsman at Murrayfield for nearly a year now. "We have had a large disc seeder for many years but found the discs were causing excessive surface disruption and we wanted to find something that would offer closer settings and allow us to seed confidently between games."

aid Jim "A number of the groundsmen here had seen the Vredo Overseeders at the Campey Open Day at Deer Park GC, near Edinburgh, held last year in conjunction with Double A and were very impressed, but I wanted a demonstration on site to see for myself."

Adrian Gardner from Double A, was keen to prove to Jim that the Supa Compact would be a positive investment. "I took along the Vredo Supa Compact because I was convinced it was exactly what they needed." he said.

The unique action of the Vredo seed application is a result of the double disc system. The lines of closely spaced discs are only 35mm apart and make a precise cut into the turf where the seed is sown directly in contact with the soil. This allows the seed to receive all the nutrients and moisture needed to ensure the right conditions for the seed to germinate. The method is so successful compared with single disc systems that between 95 and 100% germination is achieved every time.

murrayfield 2Jim could immediately see the advantages: It is extremely accurate, compact in its sowing action and fast in its seed placement. This allows over seeding to be completed in a one-pass operation and the structure of the turf is left undisturbed allowing the surface to be brought back into use straight away.

"We are delighted with it" said Jim "It's a fantastic piece of kit and because it is 3 point mounted, and no PTO we can easily set the machine ourselves to suit the ground conditions. Overseeding in only one rather than multiple passes saves us a lot of time and expense.

We use a Rigby Taylor R14 grass seed and I can say that since using the Vredo, the results have been very impressive, creating a concentrated and strong sward that so far is holding up extremely well with the amount of play it has to cope with. We now overseed the main pitch and three training pitches once a month and I would happily recommend this machine for use on any sportsfield or golf course." He added "The Vredo Super Compact Seeder is also of excellent build quality and finish and very easy to maintain.

Three models are available each as a 3-point linkage mounted option or towed with its own hydraulic lift frame. Working widths are from 0.8m - 1.60m with hopper capacities from 36 - 90 litres. Tractor power required for towed models is 25hp - 35 hp and 35hp - 55hp for mounted.

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