New Acuspray Pro offers precise spray application for turf professionals

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New Acuspray Pro offers precise spray application for turf professionals

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A new sprayer designed especially for turf and lawncare professionals was launched by application specialists, Techneat Engineering, at BTME, Harrogate on 22 January 2006. The Acuspray Pro provides a precise, highly reliable and safe technique for the application of liquid fertiliser, herbicides and fungicides to sports pitches, lawns, pathways and other areas.

Featuring an entirely new positive displacement diaphragm pump, designed and manufactured by Techneat, the walk-behind design Acuspray Pro will consistently deliver spray at 400 l/ha (40ml/m2) to ensure even coverage of grass and good spray penetration for effective results.

Direct-drive metering starts spraying as the machine moves forward, and cuts off instantly when the operator stops; achieving highly accurate and precise application. An on-off trigger control is fitted to facilitate moving between spraying areas.

The Acuspray Pro is fitted with a 25-litre precision moulded tank and one-metre spray boom, capable of covering 625m2 per fill - approx two tennis courts or up to a half of a bowling green. The boom is protected by a strong colour-coded aerofoil moulding.

The machine's designer, Tom Neat, highlights the robust construction, using modern materials to reduce weight, makes the Acuspray Pro and ideal tool for landscape gardeners and lawncare specialists looking for an easily transportable solution. "The sleek looks instantly create a professional image, reinforced by the quality of results they will achieve."

The pump has been specifically designed for durability and long-life with regular use, but will also prove equally resilient when only used intermittently over the course of the season - which can cause problems for conventional pumps. The Acuspray Pro is suitable for the application of all liquids, including:

  • Liquid fertilisers
  • Foliar supplements
  • Herbicides
  • Moss killers
  • Fungicides

Mr Neat believes the Acuspray Pro will be ideal for the increasing number of mobile landscape professionals specialising in total lawn care, along with groundsmen and those responsible for large gardens, looking to achieve better results with spray applications.

The Acuspray Pro complements the Techneat range of self-propelled sprayers designed for larger scale turf management on pitches and grounds. The new Acuspray Pro will cost £525 and is available now, ready for the spring, direct from Techneat Engineering, Tel 01353 862044.

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