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New pedestrian debris collector suitable for all surfaces

By Michael Bird

Turfmech Machinery has launched a self-propelled, walk-behind vacuum debris collector for the sports turf, amenity and hire markets. Labelled TM1, the distinctively-styled machine has been designed to pick up light, loose material effectively and quickly from turf and hard surfaces. Typical applications on finer turf areas include the collection and removal of hollow cores, scarified thatch and worm casts.


Guided across the turf by the operator, the TM1 gathers debris using a combination of 960mm (38in) wide rotating polypropylene filament agitation brush and powerful suction generated by the high-speed revolving impellor. The machine's drive wheels are fitted with flotation tyres that help minimise compaction while providing excellent tractive performance via the hydrostatic transaxle. For optimum accessibility and manoeuvrability, the wheels sit within the TM1's overall working width, ensuring also that debris is not run over before collection.

In its standard position, the TM1's suction head rests 25mm (1in) above the ground with the agitation brush's filaments just touching the surface. If required, the complete suction head can be raised to a maximum of 75mm (3in) above ground level by means of an adjustable rear roller to suit differing grass lengths and levels of debris. The aperture at the front of the suction head can also be opened or closed to suit conditions while the rotating brush incorporates an independent height adjuster to compensate for filament wear over time. If required, drive to the brush can be disengaged by means of a simple on/off hand lever.

Wheel drive is selected using a transmission engage lever and there is a separate speed control lever offering infinitely-variable travel speeds of up to 5mph (8km/hr) forward and 3.5mph (5.5km/hr) in reverse. Because all collected debris passes through the vacuum impellor on its way to the hopper, material is pulverised into very small fragments, maximising the load capacity of the 0.65 cu metre high-tip hopper and allowing the re-use on the golf course of nutrient-rich material such as collected hollow cores. Maximum tip height of the hydraulically-emptied hopper is 960mm (38in).

"We set out to produce a stylish yet highly functional pedestrian vacuum collector which meets the specific debris collection needs of Greenkeepers and Groundsmen," explained Turfmech's engineering director, Jerry Archer. "The TM1 has a host of features which, we believe, moves small area debris collection systems for turf and hard surfaces to an altogether higher level. Of particular benefit to professional users is the ability to collect and remove light, loose material from just about any surface or area and the high-tip hopper unloading facility which makes the machine ideal for use in combination with a barrow, wheeled truck or utility vehicle. "An operator presence handle is fitted for optimum safety and the innovative hopper design ensures that expelled air is directed forward and away from the operator, minimising exposure to noise."

Expected to be available for demonstrations from March onwards, the Turfmech TM1 vacuum debris collector will be priced at around £9,500. Turfmech plans to offer customers different forms of agitation brush and filtration material to suit the type of surface and debris. An option being developed is a 2.5m (98in) long wander hose that will enable the machine to be used for emptying litterbins and clearing debris from areas inaccessible by wheeled equipment. Further planned options include a scarifying head, wider brush heads and a trailed seat. ends

For further information, please contact: Jerry Archer or Austin Jarrett on 01889 271503 or e-mail:

Turfmech TM1 pedestrian debris vacuum collector. Technical Specifications.

Weights and measures Collection width: 0.96m (38in)Overall width: 1.08m (42.5in)
Overall height: 1.26m (50in)
Overall length: 2.2m (87in)
Hopper capacity: 0.65 cu m (23 cu ft)
Maximum hopper unloading height: 0.96m (38in)
Unladen weight: 275kg (605lbs)
Maximum laden weight: 450kg (990lbs)
Maximum forward speed: 5mph
Maximum reverse speed: 3.5mph

Power unit and systems Engine: Honda GXV390 13hp at 3,600rpm

Transmission: Belt driven Hydro-Gear hydrostatic transaxle, including parking brake
Suction impellor: Belt driven
Hydraulic system for agitation brush drive, hopper lift and tip: Belt driven pump
Operating controls Operator presence handle Engine throttle: Choke, idle, full speed and stop positions
Transmission engage lever
Transmission speed and direction control lever: Forward, neutral, reverse
Suction impellor engage lever
Brush engage lever
Hopper lift lever
Hopper tip lever

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