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The Allett system of quickly interchangeable cartridges for their mowers offers a cost effective solution to sports clubs and turf maintenance contractors.

You start off with the power unit and add the cartridges as your budget allows. Allett has now launched a new 34" Turf Rake to the range to complement the six blade cylinder, the eight blade cylinder Verticut cartridges, the scarifier, sorrel roller and brush cartridges.

What this offers is a complete lawn and turf maintenance system for the Allett C34, with the Turf Rake easily changed in the same way as the other optional cartridges.

The Turf Rake is primarily designed to lift lateral growth, remove moss and dead material from the grass but it does a lot more than that. You can also use it for removal of broken leaves of grass after football matches and removing pitch footprints.

Come the autumn and it's ideal for collecting leaves from the turf. The cartridge itself has been designed to operate in the removal of these materials yet it is not too aggressive and can operate in very wet conditions, while still producing excellent results.

Ideally suited to use for clearing up football, rugby and cricket pitches the Allett Turf Rake is equally at home on formal lawns. Allett mowers are built by Turfmech, the largest manufacturer of pedestrian petrol-engined cylinder mowers in Britain, with the heritage going back to 1965 and today they are used on sports pitches all over the world.

The Turf Rake cartridge is priced at £626.00 + VAT.

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