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Attila A180 .jpg - the Attila A180. This latest machine, which is unique in the European market, provides commercial end users with an efficient mower for use on areas such as motorway and river banks; industrial estates; or grassed areas around reservoirs. On sites like these, the safe use of grass cutting machinery on banks is an important Health & Safety issue.

With the launch of this new mower, Etesia have addressed the problem. Depending on ground conditions, Attila A180 can be used on slopes up to 27 degrees. The special feature of this mower is its hydraulic automatic self-levelling system which ensures that the operator, engine and controls are always in the vertical position, whilst the floating cutting units follow the terrain's contours. This provides total comfort and safety for the user during bank work. In addition, there is a fully adjustable suspension seat with armrests and seat belt, together with a certified Roll Over Protection System. For added safety, an alarm buzzer sounds when the machine is nearing the 27 degree limit.

Attila A180's 71" (180cm) cutting width comes from two 36" (91.5cm) fully floating wheeled rotary decks with double acting rams on castor wheels. These rear-discharge cutting units adjust independently to all angles to provide an even finish when mowing in ditches, over crowns and hillocks and on uneven terrain. Hydraulic drive allows them to mow in any position.

Cutting height is set via the outer wheels on the cutting deck with further hydraulic adjustment on the central unit. The height is variable from 2" (5cm) to 6" (15cm). Beneath the rugged, reinforced steel decks, the cutterbar has swing tips, which can be fixed for use on shorter grass. Concentric design of the cutting units creates a 3cm overlap which ensures that no central band of grass is left uncut.

For ease of maintenance and servicing, the operator can manually override the mercury switch in order to tilt Attila A180's central body and hydraulically raise each cutting deck, thus allowing access to the blades from either side of the machine.

Designed to cope with a wide variety of grass conditions, Attila A180 has a powerful 3- cylinder 30hp Yanmar liquid cooled diesel engine. The machine is highly manoeuvrable, with easy-to-use hydrostatic drive, power steering and good all-round visibility. This, added to the fact that when in operating mode the central "bike" remains in the vertical position, puts the user in full control, especially in difficult working conditions. Attila A180 is fitted with low pressure tyres for extra traction.

For grounds maintenance contractors and commercial end users involved in bank work, Attila A180 is a dedicated machine which combines efficiency with maximum safety. For a brochure or free demonstration, phone 01926 403319.

September 2003
Further information: Jane Undery, Top Flight Consultants. Tel: 01462 490190

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