New Bahia MKM from Etesia - The next generation mulching mower

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With recycling a top priority for today's environmentally conscious landscaper, Etesia has launched a new member to the Bahia family of ride-on mowers.

The Bahia MKM is equipped with a bio-cut 85cm cutting deck and offers a very high mulching performance. The MKM also inherits the robustness, reliability, comfort, excellent ergonomics and exceptional compactness of the Bahia range of mowers.

The new Bahia MKM can recycle as it cuts, chopping the grass clippings into extremely fine particles before returning them to the turf to decompose naturally. This mulch acts as a conditioner, feeding nutrients to the growing plants, plus its high water content provides essential moisture for the lawn during hot, dry spells. It's quick, clean, environmentally-friendly and with no clippings to dispose of, mowing time is reduced.


Compact, tenacious, flexible and multi-tasking, the Bahia MKM adapts to every terrain - A truly go-anywhere mower. A pocket-size ride-on mower, at just 0.90m wide and 1.73m long, the MKM features an incredibly tight turning circle, able to turn into every nook and cranny and can be easily transported in a van or on a trailer. The automatic gearbox allows users to go forward, stop, reverse, accelerate and brake all instantaneously and in complete safety. With its low centre of gravity, the MKM gives users excellent stability.

The MKM's 30/70 weight distribution on the front/rear axles make it a highly stable mower that masterfully copes with slopes. A Profiled bio-cut 85cm deck and blade produces high quality mulching, whilst the lawn profile wheels give maximum lawn protection.


The Ideal driving position, high-comfort seat, controls on dashboard, silence and safety - with the Bahia MKM, discover a whole new world of well-being. Dashboard controls include electric starter, blade controls and hour-meter. The mower requires only the lightest touch for easy driving. From the driver's adjustable, ergonomic seat, you have a perfect view of your working environment and all of the controls are within easy reach: cutting height selector, forward/reverse pedals, parking brake.

Safety first: Noise level under 100 dB (A), petrol tank with overflow catcher, built-in blade brake, several safety switches, the MKM complies with machine directive 2006/CE.

The easy life: A hose pipe fitting makes cleaning the cutting system quick and easy, whilst the tool-free access to the engine allows for easy maintenance thanks to quick access to all mechanical parts.

Robustness: Mechanically welded load-bearing chassis, Ø 60mm, epoxy finish with built-in strapping hooks, cutting deck especially constructed to resist long term wear under the various mulching conditions. A Step steering column cover and dashboard cover in EPP (expanded polypropylene) with its hardwearing, anti-skid properties, ensures this mower is a mower for all seasons.

Efficient: With a hydrostatic drive transmission with the engine power coming from a Kawasaki FS 481 16HP and over 90% centred on drive and blade transmission, coupled with oil changes at 50 hours then every 200 hours ensure that this new mower has been built with the user in mind.


From mulching to long grass cutting, the built-in deflector to mow long grass with side ejection can be completed. On the Bahia MKM, it is particularly easy to use, thanks to a simple system of clips, without the need tools or other spares. The deflector is retractable in the event of shock.

A Snow blade is also available as optional extra allowing users to clear snow from their paths and pavements fast. The Multi-purpose garden trailer (MRM) is the ideal Bahia accessory, making garden maintenance incredibly easy.

For further information, please contact Etesia UK on 01295 680120 or visit

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