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By Anne Wilson

Three new golf ecology books, commissioned by the R&A, are now available from STRI.

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Rhododendron & its Management Bracken & its Management Gorse & its Management

Written by Bob Taylor and Lee Penrose form the STRI Ecology team, with contributions from Dr Ian Rotherham at Sheffield Hallam University, all three titles are part of the STRI golf ecology series "Studies in Golf Course Management".

Golf courses are far more than a series of tees, greens and fairways. The vegetation that separates holes brings definition to fairways and forms the course boundary, which often contains wildlife habitats surpassing that of many of our more recognised natural environments.

However contrary to popular belief this vegetation requires careful sustainable management and cannot be 'left to nature' if it is to enhance the golf course. It is with this in mind that the R&A commissioned these new books.

Aimed at an audience with varying knowledge and experience and so emphasis throughout has been firmly placed on providing a specific source of reference and interest to golf clubs and greenkeepers. The books detail not only the need for management but the important background, biology, ecology and conservation significance .

Available in paperback, the books are published with colour photographs throughout. A number of case studies are also included. The Gorse & Bracken titles have 51 pages each and the Rhododendron 56 pages. All are priced at £7.50 each plus post and packing.

Other titles in the series include Heathland & Moorland Management; Nest Boxes for Birds and Mammals; Confessions of a Chairman of Green.

For further details and orders contact Linda Gallagher at the STRI bookshop ( 01274 518908 or order on-line via our website
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