New Briteliner Arrow - Flying Ahead for Less

Carol Duttonin Industry News

ba4Vitax will be bringing their new Supaturf Briteliner Arrow to Harrogate, the transfer wheel line marker that's light years ahead of current designs but actually costs less.

Sleek, streamlined, light but tough with a unique tip tank feature, the Briteliner Arrow, hailed as 'transfer wheel technology for the modern age' has a longer wheel base, providing better weight distribution, thus greater stability and accuracy when straight line or circle marking. The central transfer wheel is spring loaded, positively fixed to the machine and can be adjusted to achieve the desired line marking definition.

A tough, moulded plastic tank holds enough line marking liquid for up to three football pitches. It also has a built in marking brush and holder which is removable so that the tank can be 'tipped' to save unused paint without lifting the machine. Although residues don't stick to the plastic, the tank can be easily unclipped from the frame and washed if required.

With a frame constructed from triple coated steel tubes and no welding or weak points that could corrode the Briteliner Arrow is 8.5kg lighter than its predecessors, weighing in at just 15kg. This means that it's easily and safely handled by one person saving time and manpower costs.

A height adjustable handlebar with 'cow horn' bar to provide greater control, can be folded down for easy transportation, while the bumper bar at the front of the machine protects the marking wheel.

Designed by Supaturf technicians and built in the company's UK factory the new Briteliner Arrow scores for efficiency, accuracy, handling ability and durability at less capital outlay and lower maintenance costs.


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