New broadcast spreader from SCH

Editorin Machinery & Mechanics

SCH's new broadcast spreader (ref: GAM73) features a 73L hopper and is suited for fertiliser, seed and salt.

As you tow the broadcaster, its wheels drive an all-metal gearbox, which in turn drives the spreading disc. The two wide-profile turf tyres give a high grip while being gentle on grass surfaces.

The spread width is 3-10 metres depending on the forward speed of your towing vehicle. An adjuster lever is within reach of the driver's seat, which meters the correct amount of product to broadcast.

This model is ideal for broadcasting fertilisers and seed on grass surfaces and can cover up to 0.5 hectares per hour. To spread salt on car parks and paths, a Salt Conversion Kit (ref: GAMSCK) featuring a stainless steel agitator and a galvanised steel deflection guard is available.

If you intend to spread salt predominately, a galvanised version is available (ref: GAM73GALV). This broadcaster benefits from a galvanised hopper, stainless steel flow control and a fully stainless steel spreading disc for increased corrosion resistance.

Contact SCH for a brochure containing over 200 British built machines on 01473 328272, email, or visit their website to find out more