New Cushman Hauler Pro and Pro X utility vehicles can travel 50 miles between charges

Peter Driverin Machinery & Mechanics

Ransomes Jacobsen, the UK and European distributor of Cushman utility vehicles, has introduced the all-electric Cushman Hauler PRO and PRO X, which feature a 72-volt AC drivetrain providing the range and power once exclusive to petrol-powered machines.

Hauler PRO 1000 Blue 3 qtr (Medium)
"This new Cushman Hauler PRO gives Course Managers the range and power of a petrol-powered utility vehicle, but in a silent, all-electric package that is fast becoming the norm," said Ransomes Jacobsen's Richard Tyrrell, Product Manager for Cushman and E-Z-GO vehicles. "Cushman has a history of providing the turfcare sector with reliable vehicles to tackle any job and the Hauler PRO is no different."

The 72-volt drivetrain in the new Hauler PRO is an upgrade from more traditional 48-volt systems and will give up to 50 fully-loaded miles between charges. The patented AC Drive technology also ensures that the Hauler PRO maintains consistent power and performance from the first pre-dawn chores to the last light of dusk, without the noisy drone of a petrol engine.

The AC Drive technology is up to 25 percent more energy-efficient than DC technology, and also provides for unique features such as regenerative braking that recharges the batteries whenever the vehicle's brakes are applied and also speed control to maintain constant speeds up and down steep slopes.

Hauler PRO 1000 Blue SideR 007
The Hauler PRO is equipped with a standard on-board charger, which provides the convenience of charging the vehicle at any outlet within a property and eliminates the need for a separate bulky charger. An optional 12V outlet is also available.

A standard limited-slip differential provides for greatly improved traction on wet or loose ground, while helping to protect fairways from damage due to wheel slippage.

The Hauler PRO features a maximum load capacity of 454 kilograms and is available as standard with a 0.269 cubic metres (269 litres) cargo bed. A 0.422 cubic metres (422 litres) aluminium cargo bed is available as a factory-installed option for facilities that require more cargo space.

The Hauler PRO X has all the attributes of the Hauler PRO, but due to its lifted suspension has a higher ground clearance enabling it to tackle the roughest terrain.