New Ego Line Trimmer

Adem Johnstonin Battery/Electric Power

EGO has added the Power Line Trimmer ST1400E-ST to its market leading range of cordless equipment. With a 35cm cutting width, two speed adjustments and automatic line replacement, the new Line Trimmer offers speed as well as ease of use.


• New 35cm Line Trimmer with EGO's award-winning Powerload™ technology

• Excellent run times, powered by industry leading 56V Arc Lithium technology

• Cleaner, Quieter, Safer - New mower is zero emission, quieter than petrol and low vibration

When speed is of the essence, EGO's Powerload™ technology removes the fuss and frustration of line replacement. Replacing the line is as easy as pressing a button. With no manual rewinding, the line is fully reloaded and ready to use in seconds, allowing busy gardeners to simply get on with the job.

Easy to use and comfortable, this new model comes with an adjustable telescopic shaft and loop-handle, making it easy to adjust to fit any user or working style and reducing the need for awkward bending or twisting. The addition of a flexible, ergonomic trigger makes the trimmer simple, comfortable and safe to use.

Built to last, the Line Trimmer won't let you down. The solid steel drive shaft and brushless motor provide a dependable, compact, and powerful solution. With brushes on traditional electric motors known to be a cause of potential issues, EGO's technology offers more power with a greater run time, reducing the likelihood of costly repairs.

Known in the market for reliable and innovative power tools, EGO's cordless equipment offers a greener, cleaner alternative to petrol power. The Power+ Line Trimmer ST1400E-ST is powered by EGO's industry leading 56V Arc Lithium battery, offering a run time of up to 120 minutes between charges. With no need to worry about petrol or cables, users have all the power of petrol in a compact, lightweight and easy to use package.

EGO's line of cordless power equipment is trusted by both DIY and Professional customers to take on any lawn and garden project, with convenience and ease. The new line trimmer is available at, RRP £169.00

EGO Power+ products come with extended warranties up to five years when registered within 30 days of purchase.