New for Campey Turf Care Systems – a range of T.I.P turf maintenance products for natural and synthetic pitches

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TIP Groom It with Scratch It attached (10)T.I.P. stands for turf improvement products and that is exactly what these products are about. A range of simple, robust implements which can be attached and operated behind any small power unit. These products will ensure the greens, tees, fairways and sports fields, natural and synthetic, are aerated, swept, brushed, spiked and seeded easily, efficiently and economically.

These are the perfect additions to the range of machines currently available from Campey Turf Care Systems. The T.I.P. Greens Spiker/Seeder is the ideal implement for improving the sub soil structure of your green or for applying seed. Thousands of holes, with more per square foot than comparable spiking machines are punched into the surface. The result improves drainage, relieves surface compaction, increases germination rates and reduces the need to apply fertilisers and pesticides. It does all this with minimum disruption to the playing surface.

Some aeration machines leave holes or plugs which need to be removed from the surface of the green. The new T.I.P. Brush-It with its Honda 5.5 hp engine powered brush system is the perfect tool for a wide variety of uses, including windrowing aeration cores, brushing in topdressing, and sweeping cart paths. The Brush-It also helps to save on sand usage by efficiently filling in the holes.

TIP   GREENS SPIKER SEEDER (9) copyKeep your greens and fairways or large sports fields in pristine condition with a little additional, regular grooming. The Groom-It is a versatile pull-type brush system specially designed for efficient distribution of wet or dry top dressing materials and filling in aeration holes on a wide variety of playing surfaces. It is also effective for removing dew and light surface debris to improve the ball roll.

It is simple and easy to use with all adjustments made without tools. It can brush from 6 ft. easily extending to be come known as Groom It Plus an optional 12 ft. wide in minutes, flexing gently to follow the contours of the ground. There is a choice of different types of brushes for a variety of natural turf applications as well as a stiff straight brush suitable for grooming heavier natural turf and synthetic turf installations.

The Scratch-It tine rake attachment is the perfect complement for the Groom-It brush for the installation and maintenance of artificial turf sports fields. The Scratch-It "stands up" the turf fibres, allowing a more even distribution of in-fill material. Can be 3point mounted or pulled with optional tow kit fitted, by any prime mover, hitches easily reversed through 180 degrees to ensure even brush wear.

Finally the T.I.P SW48-A Artificial Turf Sweeper with a compact frame and light footprint for accessing all types of surface in order to remove is specifically designed for the artificial surfaces seen on many of today's athletic facilities.

The SW48-A incorporates a remote-controlled electric clutch, so the operator doesn't need to leave the vehicle nearly as often. A powerful and reliable 5.5 hp Honda engine, manual brush height adjustment, and quick set transport mode to raise the brush off of the ground. Other features include a vibrating screen for positive separation. The crumb rubber is returned to the playing surface and debris is filtered into the hopper for easy removal.

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