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Imants Mini Rotoknife (63)
Imants Mini-Rotoknife - it may be small but it still packs a punch!

Being small doesn't necessarily mean less effective. What the new Imants Mini Rotoknife from Campeys lacks in stature it makes up for in speed and performance.

What you get is a multi-purpose linear, disc-aerator that will relieve surface compaction, improve aeration, reduce thatch build-up and remove surface water, in a single pass.

This amazing little machine packs a real punch as it moves quickly across the surface. Whether towed or mounted behind a truckster or compact tractor, it applies itself to combatting areas of general wear and tear, or areas that need help recovering from excessive use.

A disc rotor with 3 settings gives flexibility in working depth and linear spacing, allowing deep-slitting to a depth of 100mm, or shallow slitting at 50mm spacing. It is ideal on warm or cool season grasses.

The Imants Mini-Rotoknife is a versatile, effective aerating machine that may be small but can still 'cut it' with the big boys!

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