New Front-Mounted Aerator

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New Front-Mounted Aerator for Walker Mowers.

By Lance Bassett


The front-mounted 'PERFAERATOR' has a 105cm working width and can aerate to a depth of 7cm.
The new 'PERFAERATOR' is easily installed, just like a mower deck. No implement hitch assembly is required. The PTO driven tines engage and disengage easily to avoid pavements and sprinkler heads etc., without slowing down.

The twelve tine set can cover over 60,000 sq ft. (6,500sq mtrs.) per hour and the Walker designed product incorporates integrated footrests and attachment platform.

A hinged cover opens for easy access to all the moving parts for easy lubrication and servicing, including the tine ends.

The new 'PERFAERATOR' can be fitted to all Walker models and with the zero turn feature of the Walker manoeuvrability is exceptional.

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