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The GTC, one of the organisations working as part of the Golf Greenkeeping Trailblazer, has received approval for two further Apprenticeship Standards for the Greenkeeping sector

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Following the approval of the Golf Greenkeeper Apprenticeship Standard (Level 2) 2014, the Advanced Golf Greenkeeper (Level 3) and Golf Course Manager (Level 5) Apprenticeship Standards have now received Government approval.

The Minister of State for Skills, Nick Boles said," Businesses are better placed than anyone to train the next generation of workers and will help us deliver 3 million high-quality apprenticeships by 2020. By designing apprenticeships, employers like the GTC are ensuring that young talented people develop the skills needed to progress up the career ladder and help drive businesses forward."

David Croxton, Proprietor of Cold Ashby Golf Club and Chair of the GTC's Trailblazer Group believes the latest news will further enhance the already well-established greenkeeping apprenticeship programme.

David said: "The support the GTC has received from employers who have already benefited from recruiting and training apprentices, has encouraged the GTC to continue its lead in improving the standards of apprenticeships at all levels."

David Golding, GTC's Education Director added: "It is another proud day for the greenkeeping sector and many people should take credit for all the hard work with GTC Trailblazer project. The two further sets of Standards will take education and training to whole new level and ensure our apprentices become global ambassadors for golf greenkeeping and golf course management."

Les Howkins, Chairman of the British & International Golf Greenkeepers Association (BIGGA) and a member of the GTC's Trailblazer Technical Group adds: "The approval of these two new standards is a defining moment in the history of greenkeeping. For the first time we have a recognised apprenticeship scheme from introductory level all the way up to course manager. BIGGA has been delighted to be heavily involved with the process from the start and we are happy to continue to support the system as the final layers of the apprenticeship are put together. Golf greenkeeping is a critical part of a multi-billion pound industry in the UK and the clearly defined learning criteria and career pathway positions it as a credible and attractive profession to school leavers and the wider population."

The GTC is now working on developing a new programme of education, training and assessments for all three new apprenticeships.

They have engaged with small, medium and large golf club employers and leading Course Managers (through BIGGA and turf representatives from colleges and training providers), who have all had an input into the new Standards.

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