New home for football and rugby in Swansea

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New home for football and rugby in Swansea

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The new Morfa Stadium in Swansea has joined the likes of The Bernabeu, Anfield, City of Manchester and White Hart Lane by installing the Desso DD GrassMaster system.

The £24 million, 20,000-seater stadium should be ready for the start of the 2005/6 season and will see both Neath-Swansea Ospreys RUFC and Swansea FC play their home games on the new turf.
With the extra wear that playing both rugby and football creates on the grass, the choice of DD GrassMaster was a necessity. Following the successes at Reading, Wycombe, QPR, Hull, Huddersfield and Wigan, all of who have dual sport stadiums, DD GrassMaster is recognised as the premier grass reinforcement system. With 20 million artificial fibres injected into the pitch, which is enough yarn to stretch one and a half times around the world, each pitch can achieve 3 to 4 times the normal usage of a standard grass pitch.
The improved drainage and stronger root zone also helps with the notorious grass growing conditions of modern stadia.

With the recent news that UEFA have sanctioned the use of artificial turf for all UEFA competitions, it is important that clubs are aware that there are different options available. Mr Olsson (UEFA Chief Executive) has said that 'a good natural pitch is always the best surface but that a good artificial surface is better than bad natural turf'. Desso DLW is in the unique position to be able to provide both options for clubs. With artificial pitches at several of Europe's National Football Associations (including Spain, England, Belgium and Germany) and DD GrassMaster, which is in essence a natural pitch, they are able to offer objective advice. Many artificial/natural turf companies will try to influence clubs one way or the other, as they can only provide one type of product.

Whether it is the best natural or artificial surface you require contact Desso DLW Sports Systems for further information.

About Desso DLW Sports Systems

Desso DLW Sports Systems is market leader in sports flooring (indoor and outdoor). The company produces over 2.5 million m² of artificial turf for soccer, tennis, hockey, rugby and American Football. Desso DLW Sports Systems also manufactures linoleum, vinyl and textile sports floors for indoor use.

The company has its headquarters in Belgium and sales offices throughout Europe. Desso DLW has a turnover of 55 million Euro and is part of the carpet manufacturer Desso, which is owned by Armstrong World Industries.

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