New Ice Breakers from Vitax

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VitaxVitax launches a new Supaturf Salt Spreader specifically designed to break the ice. The new SB40SS features an extra wide, slide opening which allows salt to be easily applied, and comes with a free rain cover. A heavy duty plastic body, powder coated steel tubing frame, finger tip cable control, pneumatic tyres and a U handle with comfort grips are standard for this machine, which has a capacity of 27.5 litres. Vitax's existing Supaturf 60SS Salt Spreader, with a 46 litre capacity has been improved in line with the new SB40SS with the addition of an extra wide slide opening which means that the salt flows more easily making the spreader more efficient. The Supaturf DS Economy Drop Spreader at just half a metre wide, is perfect for treating narrow pathways and accessing small, hard landscaped areas.

Vitax's Ice Clear, an environmentally friendly salt alternative is ideal for use with all three spreaders as it is less phytotoxic to plants and animals, less corrosive than common rock salt and its 'flake' format means it lays where it falls making it more efficient, especially on slopes and steps. Effective down to minus 15 degrees centigrade Ice Clear continues to work even in re-freezing conditions. The product is available in 10 kg re-sealable buckets or 25kg sacks. The content of the 25kg sacks, is sufficient to cover 500 sq metres.

The new Supaturf SB40SS Spreader is tailor made to keep paths, car parks, school playing fields, paved areas around the clubhouse or pavilion or any hard landscaped areas open to the public, ice free this winter.

For further information on either the new Supaturf Salt Spreader or Vitax Amenity's Ice Clear, contact Vitax on Tel: 01530 510060 or visit their website at:

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