New INFINICUT adaptation kit converts JD 2500 triplex into 85” Sports Turf mower

Louise Challissin Machinery & Mechanics

INFINICUT® are introducing a brand-new adaptation kit to transform a JD 2500 Triplex into a highly productive, lightweight, 85" wide dedicated sports turf mower. The simple-to-fit kit was designed to specifically meet the criteria required to maintain sports turf and address the failings of existing options - traditionally re-purposed golf turf units.

The management of sports turf is independent from the management of golf turf and, as such, merits the provision of a dedicated triplex mower suited to the requirements of sports specific venues. The new adaptation kit includes all that's required to affix 30" INFINICUT® cutting reels and large capacity grass boxes to an existing JD power unit with zero fabrication/hole drilling or other modification required to the original traction unit.

In addition, a selection of maintenance cassettes from the TMSystem™ range are also compatible with the new set-up.

The JD 2500 was chosen as the donor traction unit, not because it was easy or convenient to re-engineer, but because it would fulfil the strict design brief set out by the INFINICUT® design team. Thought was given to ensure the end product was lightweight, gentle to turf through torquing & turning and minimised soil surface compaction. It also features a functional, forward-facing middle grass basket, with a generous capacity that is easy to install and remove.

Coupled to the well proven JD 2500 are three INFINICUT® reels, utilising SMARTCut technology to offer a highly productive 85" cutting width. The INFINICUT® cylinders come with renowned quality of cut and the confidence that these units are trusted by some of the most revered venues in the world including Real Madrid, Wimbledon and many more top-flight facilities. This combination, with its offset design, reliability, adjustable clip rate and general solid engineering makes for a compelling unit that will easily be considered "best in class".

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